In 1984, a top-secret Soviet initiative launches Russia's final attempt to win the space race AND the cold war.

Its codename: VEC9.

Nuclear-powered laser-armed bombers are stationed in orbit, their pilots cryogenically frozen to mask their heat signature. The iron curtain falls. Thirty years later, the last forgotten Soviet radio beacons sputter to a halt. Unable to re-establish contact with the non-existent Soviet Command, Station VEC9 has no choice but to assume that the USSR has been destroyed by capitalist deceit and nuclear fire.

VEC9's mission: to avenge Mother Russia, to punish imperialist aggression, and to destroy tyranny and the American way of life for the safety of the Communist world.

A declassified engineering document reveals VEC9's capabilities:


Additional technical analysis can be found here and here.


VEC9 was made by Andrew Reitano, Michael Dooley and Todd Bailey.

Soundtrack by Windbreaker.

Trailer is voiced by Paul Guyet, sound edited by Joseph Kelly and directed by Ray Zablocki.

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